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Worthi for consumers is a platform where your data is worthi. We provide an ethical data sharing platform where you control your data and get fair compensation for it.

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How it works?

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Your data is Worthi! Complete your profile so you can start seeing companies that are interested in your data.

Get Matched

Each company has a survey (~5 minutes) that you can fill. If the company is a match, then they pay you for sharing your email. If a company isn't a match, no information is shared, but you still earn money to take the survey.


Checkout different industries and the companies under them who are supporting ethical data collection. You can cash out your earned money and get paid for sharing your data.

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Why Worthi?

We created Worthi to create an ethical platform for people all over the world to get their data's worth.

Ethical Data Sharing

Companies need your data to make a successful product. By sharing your data, companies will get thoughts and opinions from their potential users. You will help companies make a better product and, in return, get rewarded for helping them.


Worthi provides a platform where you control your data. If a company wants to gain your data & opinion, they have to pay you a fair price.


As a user on the platform, you also can find new products and companies. By showing support to them, you can promote the companies that are taking a part in making the data collection world ethical.

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