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Worthi for businesses is a platform to do ethical data collection and get in touch with potential users the right way. We provide a refined matching program to generate email leads and create product awareness.

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How it works

Create an Ad Campaign

Get started with worthi by creating an ad campaign for your product. The Ad campaign is designed around the lean startup framework and helps you get idea validation, riskiest assumption test, and email lead gens.

Get Matched

Based on the provided information, we match companies with their potential users. The users go through matching criteria set by the companies, and if there is a match, they share their emails for ethical, fair compensation.

Email Lead Gen

We provide you with a report on how your campaign did along with Emails of the matched users. Create an online community of potential users and launch with validated learning.

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Why Worthi?

Hosting a campaign on Worthi will provide the following advantages

Ethical Data Collection

Our mission statement is to provide Worthi users a fair compensation for sharing their information and data. By hosting a campaign on Worthi, you can create a brand for your product that believes in ethical data collection.

Idea Validation

Using the lean marketing concept, you can gain idea validation for your product before building it. Our matching program matches you with potential clients and helps you solve the riskiest assumption.

Email Lead Gen

Through our services, you walk out with a community of users willing to use your product. By providing them with fair compensation for their data, you create a trust that works two ways.

Lean Marketing

We at worthi practice the lean startup framework and have designed our ad campaings around the critical components of lean.

Target Audience Analysis

Our ad campaign asks questions that can help with the Target Audience Analysis. We take these criteria and choose the audience that will see the ad.

Riskiest Assumption Test

Our matching program involves a component that lets companies put out their riskiest assumption as one of the matching criteria. If the user has the pain point you're trying to solve, then there is a match.

Validated Learning

Use our analytics component for diving deeper into the idea validation and how well your campaign performed. I validated your idea through the matching program. If your idea is a product-market fit, then you walk away with emails of your potential users.
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